Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wilsons Warbler

When I look back as to what bird turned me from a birdwatcher to a birder, this was it. I was probably 13/14.I remember being pointed out a Wilsons in Central Park in the tops of the trees at Warbler Rock(Wilsons in the treetops?) and not being able to get on it. The next day walking down to Nature Study Woods, my birding homefield as a kid, in my neighbors yard was this charismatic bird at the proper eye level, and it blew me away. Many years later on my first trip to Costa Rica. We were at Hotel Chalet Tirol. Like a good birder i awoke before dawn (despite one cognac to many) and the first bird to greet me outside my window was my old friend Wilsons. I missed this bird this fall. I'm losing my touch.

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